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Tell State Senators to OPPOSE Making the Tax Cap Permanent!


Hi, I'm _____________ and I'm calling from ____________. I'm a voter in Senator _____________'s district.

I ask that you vote against S.1904, a bill that would make the tax cap permanent, unless it is amended to include key reforms that will help, not hurt, our children and our schools.

The current tax cap violates the principle of one-person, one-vote, because of the sixty percent supermajority needed to override the cap.

Reasonable adjustments to the tax cap for costs beyond a school district's control, like natural disasters and the cost of energy, must be made.

You cannot let this happen. Please protect the children and public schools in your district. Do not vote for S.1904, which would make the tax cap permanent without key reforms.

Read why NYSUT opposes the current permanent tax cap legislation

Read the list of reforms NYSUT recommends for tax cap legislation

State Senate 

SD01  |  Kenneth P LaValle

SD02  |  John J Flanagan

SD03  |  Monica R. Martinez

SD04  |  Philip Boyle

SD05  |  James Gaughran

SD06  |  Kevin Thomas

SD07  |  Anna Kaplan

SD08  |  John E. Brooks

SD09  |  Todd Kaminsky

SD10  |  James Sanders Jr.

SD11  |  John Liu

SD12  |  Michael Gianaris

SD13  |  Jessica Ramos

SD14  |  Leroy Comrie

SD15  |  Joseph P Addabbo, Jr.

SD16  |  Toby Ann Stavisky

SD17  |  Simcha Felder

SD18  |  Julia Salazar

SD19  |  Roxanne J. Persaud

SD20  |  Zellnor Myrie

SD21  |  Kevin S Parker

SD22  |  Andrew Gounardes

SD23  |  Diane J Savino

SD24  |  Andrew J Lanza

SD25  |  Velmanette Montgomery

SD26  |  Brian Kavanagh

SD27  |  Brad Hoylman

SD28  |  Liz Krueger

SD29  |  José M. Serrano

SD30  |  Brian Benjamin

SD31  |  Robert Jackson

SD32  |  Luis R. Sepulveda

SD33  |  Gustavo Rivera

SD34  |  Alessandra Biaggi

SD35  |  Andrea Stewart-Cousins

SD36  |  Jamaal Bailey

SD37  |  Shelley Mayer

SD38  |  David Carlucci

SD39  |  James Skoufis

SD40  |  Peter Harckham

SD41  |  Susan Serino

SD42  |  Jen Metzger

SD43  |  Daphne Jordan

SD44  |  Neil D Breslin

SD45  |  Betty Little

SD46  |  George Amedore, Jr.

SD47  |  Joseph A Griffo

SD48  |  Patty Ritchie

SD49  |  James Tedisco

SD51  |  James L Seward

SD52  |  Frederick J. Akshar II

SD53  |  Rachel May

SD54  |  Pamela Helming

SD55  |  Rich Funke

SD56  |  Joseph E Robach

SD57  |  George Borrello

SD58  |  Thomas O'Mara

SD59  |  Patrick M Gallivan

SD60  |  Chris Jacobs

SD61  |  Michael H Ranzenhofer

SD62  |  Robert Ortt

SD63  |  Tim Kennedy

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