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It's Election Day! Get out and VOTE! Share this video to encourage others to vote.



NYSUT's efforts to organize the Head Start workers of Community Action Organization in Buffalo were a thrilling, resounding success. Watch and share this inspiring story!



Video | 1:51sec

Issues: All

Description: NYSUT members are stepping up across New York State to meet critical needs in this time of crisis. How are you supporting YOUR students and community? We want to know. You can share your story online here: https://mac.nysut.org/all-together



Video | 0:30sec

Issues: Budget and Revenue

Description: NYSUT's new ad highlighting the need for new taxes on the ultrawealthy to raise revenue for critical investments in public education.



Video | 1:33sec

Issues: All

Description: Andy's 4 Reasons to Phone Bank



Video | 1:53sec

Issues: All

Description: Donald Trump and Ted Cruz lead the Education Extreme Team: attacking teachers, promoting irresponsible voucher schemes, and undermining public schools across the country. Hear them tout their vitriolic agenda in their own words!



Video | 30sec

Issues: All

Description: Unprecedented activism by parents and teachers opened the door for much-needed change in public education. Here's what matters: teaching and learning. Let's work together to continue this progress for our students. #TeachAndInspire



Video | 40sec

Issues: All

Description: You are so much more than a number! Watch and share our new web video.



Video | 4:30min

Issues: All

Description: Just one month after taking office, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker introduced Act 10, which was the first step toward crippling the labor movement in Wisconsin. Wisconsin educators never saw it coming. Here in New York, we have been warned. Let's get organized.



Video | 0:30sec

Issues: Budget

Description: SUNY students tell Gov. Andrew Cuomo to do what's right for SUNY students and public higher education in New York state. The ad was produced by United University Professions.



Video | 0:30sec

Issues: Prekindergarten - 12

Description: Watch and share our new TV ad challenging the Governor's dangerous, out-of-touch "test-and-punish" agenda!



Video | 1:40sec

Issues: All

Description: All across America radical extremists are opening new fronts in their war on teachers and working families.



Video | 50sec

Issues: Tier VI

Description: The Strong Economy For All Coalition says we should close over a billion dollars in corporate loopholes before we cuts schools, services and pensions -- and that government should work for everyone, NOT just for the 1%.



Video | 1min 15sec

Issues: All

Description: The NYSUT Member Action Center is here to help you make your voice heard and to build the movement around the priorities that matter most to all of us: education, healthcare, and issues that affect us all as working people.



Video | 1min 46sec

Issues: Support More Investment in Higher Education

Description: Pre-K-12 education funding took a significant budget hit last year. Last year’s $1.3 billion education funding cut resulted in the loss of 11,000 education jobs and cuts to school programs and services.



Video | 2min 38sec

Issues: Defend Pensions: Oppose a New Tier VI

Description: We must support retirement security for public employees. This video highlights a teacher’s decades of dedication to his career and his students. Just as he deserved a dignified retirement, so do future generations of public employees.