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August was the third month in a row to set a global "hottest ever" record.

Take action!

Hot weather brings warnings to stay indoors, but that's no help when temperatures inside schools can exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit. When classrooms are too hot, students can't learn, and teachers can't teach. Extreme temperature isn't just an inconvenience - it has a direct impact on student performance.

Current law does not mandate a maximum indoor temperature to protect the safety of students and educators. That's why we need the Legislature to pass S.3397 (Skoufis)/A.447 (Joyner) to establish an unsafe maximum room temperature in school buildings and to require schools to take action — up to and including emergency evacuation.

Take action now at the NYSUT Member Action Center! Urge state legislators to pass S.3397 (Skoufis)/A.447 (Joyner) establishing an unsafe maximum room temperature in school buildings and requiring schools to protect students and educators!

As the march of global high temperature records continues, we must do everything we can to protect our students and educators from suffering the damaging effects of high heat in schools.

Take action now!

In solidarity,

Melinda Person, NYSUT President
Melinda Person
NYSUT President


Students and educators in danger of heat-related illness are suffering. These conditions make it extremely difficult to teach and learn. Push for maximum school temperature legislation today!



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