Take action!
Take action!

For over a decade, NYSUT has been fighting to reform the Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) – a punitive, test-obsessed system of teacher evaluations. Instead of burdening school districts with this onerous top-down approach, Albany should fix APPR once and for all by eliminating the requirement to use state tests and restoring local control.

Take action!

We are on the verge of getting APPR fixed, once and for all. NYSUT supported bill S.6880 will pause the APPR process for the current school year, restore local control and remove the requirement that the state tests be used in evaluations. Districts' APPR plans should be locally determined and de-linked from state tests – returning New York to an evaluation system that successfully serves educators and students. By passing this legislation, school districts would be able to keep the APPR system that is currently in place or to collectively bargain a new system. It is crucial that lawmakers hear from educators around the state: It is way past time for New York State to fix APPR!

Take action NOW at the NYSUT Member Action Center: urge your state legislators to restore local control of the APPR process by allowing school districts to either keep their current APPR system or bargain a new system!

We need to support an evaluation system focused on supporting and building up new educators, instead of a "gotcha" system based on the misuse of test scores. Pausing the APPR process for the current school year, restoring local control and removing the requirement that the state tests be used in evaluations is the best solution for educators, students and the communities they serve.

Please take action today!

In solidarity,

Melinda Person, NYSUT President
Melinda Person
NYSUT President


The more members who do this, the louder and more powerful our voice will be. Please take action today and encourage your friends and co-workers to do so as well.



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